Addiction Recovery

Helping people who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol achieve and maintain a meaningful life without needing substances.

Recovery from addiction means learning to live differently.

Stopping drinking and using drugs is easy. Many of us have done that several times! What, for most of us, is very difficult is to stay abstinent and continue living without chemical assistance. In active addiction, using is not a choice. Partly, this is because the symptoms of addiction we generally don’t talk about – hopelessness, depression, anxiety, fear, feelings of aloneness and isolation, and very importantly, anhedonia (not looking forward to anything or finding enjoyment in daily life and activities) – tend to trap us in a vicious cycle of using and drinking.

Recovery from addiction is so much more than just not using drugs. It means living a life in which we can grow and flourish, live contentedly and become the person we can be.

Making a decision that you want to be sober (which is not the same as not wanting to use drugs or drink – for some of us that only comes much later!) will set you off on a wonderful journey of learning to live a meaningful life in which you don’t need to take drugs and alcohol.

And because it is learned, recovery is available to everyone.

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In August last year I had the privilege of talking to Stan Katz about addiction, poetry and life.