David Webb

Writer • Medical doctor • Mindfulness practitioner

“This is the true Saint of Travellers. 

He who perseveres when all seems lost; who makes the path easier for those who follow.

And who carries those too weak or weary to carry themself.”

The Saint Of Travellers is a book about understanding there is meaning and purpose in just being human – when we share our humanness with others. In this expression of common humanity lies healing, hope and anticipation of a future free from the fear that we might never be ourselves.

Download the pdf: The Saint of Travellers

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This is me! Writer, doctor and mindfulness practitioner with a particular urgency in encouraging the five pillars of wellness: mindfulness, healthy nutrition, exercise, sleep and socialisation.

Over the years work in both clinical medicine and in multinational corporate has given me a sound insight into the different worlds in which we live.
Experience in the world of addiction has taught me that, sometimes, desperation is a gift required to bring us back to our common humanity.

To bring us back to each other and to ourselves. 

Background image: Bodhi Khaya, with grateful thanks to Immanuel van Tonder.

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